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Benfleet Creek provides a gateway to the Thames Estuary and beyond. For local cruising (just a few hours away), we have the Rivers Medway and Swale with their wonderful creeks, towns, pubs and anchorages. A bit further afield (a short day sail), there are the superb cruising grounds of the East Coast Rivers. For a great summer cruise, we are not too far away from the northern coast of France and Belgium and the vast inland waterways of The Netherlands. The one advantage of cruising from our drying tidal creek is that it makes you get out there; to make use of a full day or weekend away sailing. Many of our members have worked the tides for most of their life and still enjoy our unique position. We hold a number of weekend 'cruises-in-company' throughout the summer, many with a drink and BBQ, or a meal ashore, providing a good social get-together.

Typical BYC cruise destinations are:

  • Calais - The annual Calais Rally takes place on the late May Bank Holiday weekend
  • Chatham Marina
  • Medway Yacht Club
  • Stangate Creek
  • Up the Thames to London - St Katherines Dock Marina or Limehouse Basin
  • Harty Ferry
  • Queenborough
  • Burnham on Crouch
  • Brightlingsea

Calendar of Cruising Events

Full details of all future BYC 'Cruising' events can be found in the

BYC Calendar
The above link connects to the BYC central events calendar, but has been filtered to Cruising Events only

Alternatively, you can download a PDF copy of the Benfleet Yacht Club Tide Table Booklet from the link below

2021 BYC Handbook.pdf

Cruising outside UK waters "post Brexit" (guides and forms)

Please treat the information below as 'guidance only'. Both the regulations and the current understanding of them are likely change over the course of time. Both the RYA and Cruising Association are actively campaigning the UK Government to review and drive improvements to many aspects of these. Many regulations and procedures still have to be put in place.

Now that the UK has left the EU, UK cruising sailors face a whole new raft of regulations and restrictions when venturing across the channel. These include the following :

  • The UK is now treated as a "Third Country" by the EU. For most UK citizens, visa free visits to any of the 26 EU Schengen countries will be limited to 90 days in each rolling period of 180 days. So, a 10 day long Skiing trip in March will potentially affect your extended summer cruise in EU waters (reducing it to 80 days only). Take the last day of your planned 'summer cruise', then count backwards over the past 180 days. Also make an allowance that you may get stuck in a foreign port due to bad weather, which may take you over the 90 day limit.
  • You may have to enter each country via an official "port of entry".
  • Arrival into Schengen EU will be recorded in your Passport.
  • You must also get your Passport stamped prior to "exiting" the EU, in order to stop-the-clock-ticking: the count on the number of days that you have stayed within the EU. You potentially face being fined, or other penalties being imposed, if the 90 days are exceeded. At the moment, this is conducted in France by the 'Police Au Frontiers' (Boarder Police) department, which can be found in most ferry ports. Note: if entering or leaving France via Dunkirk, the Police Au Frontier office is located 11 miles away in the ferry port Dunkirk West
  • Prior to both departing from and returning to the UK: complete and submit UK Border Force / Customs Form C1331 Dec 2020.pdf. Part 1 on departure & Part 2 on return into the UK. Further details are also included within this form. Electronic reporting and control systems are not yet in place.
  • When both entering EU waters and returning to UK waters, you must now fly the Yellow "Q Flag".
  • On return to the UK: telephone the UK Government "National Yachtline" immediately.
  • HMRC advise that you to carry evidence of the yacht's VAT status on board when venturing overseas.
  • Potential Yacht VAT issues for some (eg: if boat has been outside of the UK for more than three years).
  • Note: the VAT issues relate to the 'movement of goods' (the boat in this case), whilst the Schengen travel restrictions affect the movement of citizens.
  • Restriction on goods etc. that you can take out of and bring back into the UK.
  • EU Pet Passports no longer valid, replaced by an 'Animal Health Certificate' obtainable from a vet no more than 10 days prior to departure: required each time you visit the EU.
  • The 'European Health Insurance Card' (EHIC) will be phased out, but will be replaced by the 'UK Global Health Insurance Card' (GHIC). Existing EHIC cards issued before end of 2020 will be valid until their expiry date.
  • Restrictions on the food, alcoholic drink and goods that you can carry.

Some further reading and guidance on these matters:

  • UK Government HMRC "Notice 8: Sailing your pleasure craft to and from the UK" click here
  • UK Government "National Yachtline" contact details click here
  • UK Government "visit Europe from January 2021": Passports, Driving, Health Insurance, Pets etc. click here
  • RYA Boating Abroad - Entry and Exit Formalities click here
  • RYA advice "Brexit - what happens next?" click here
  • "Sailing Today" magazine article covering this subject click here

External Links to Cruising Guides and Advice

Download various navigation chartlet's from the

East Coast Pilot website: Compilers of the East Coast Pilot Guide Book

including entrances to the River Deben, River Ore and Walton Channel "Stone Point"

Harwich Haven Authority - Containing navigational information for the ports of Harwich

and Felixstow and the River's Stour and Orwell plus surrounding area's

Navigating the Thames

London VTS - VHF "Port" Radio Channels

River Thames and Thames Estuary covering the "Port of London" areas. Port working channels are as follows:

  • VHF Channel 69 - covering the seaward limit (approximately the Margate-Harwich line) to Sea Reach 4 buoy.
  • VHF Channel 68 - Sea Reach 4 buoy to Crayfordness.
  • VHF Channel 14 - upstream of Crayfordness and including the Thames Barrier Zone.
  • The Callsign for all Vessel Traffic Services centres is "London VTS".

Thames Flood Barrier

Navigation procedure and guidance - see the "Downloads" section below

Visit Conyer Marina and Conyer Cruising Club

Swale Marina and Conyer Cruising Club welcome visitors all year round and deep mud berths are almost always available. If you are thinking of visiting, call the Marina on +44 (0)1795 521 562 and they will advise you on berth availability and accessibility relative to your draft.

Conyer Cruising Club and Swale Marina


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