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Benfleet Yacht Club
Canvey Road
Canvey Island
Telephone 01268 792278
Email the Yacht Club Secretary

Mrs Sue Hancock
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Nicola Manning
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A polite message to external companies and individuals:
Please be advised that our club rules do not permit us to display business or company 'advertising' on this website
Please also note that we are not able for pass on personal or boat details of our members

Benfleet Creek navigation chartlets, based on numerous physical surveys 
conducted by BYC member Phil Bostock.

Click here to view our Creek Navigation page

For Membership Enquiries
Email the "Membership" Secretary

Mrs Wendy Webster
Benfleet Yacht Club, Canvey Road, Canvey Island, Essex. SS8 0QT. || Telephone 01268.792278 ||
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