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The 8th "Round Canvey" Row / Row Sail Race, organised by Benfleet Yacht Club Coastal Rowers,
 will be held on

Saturday 14th July 2018

Please click here for further details including the race instructions and entry form

With great pleasure, we are proud to announce that as of the New Year 2018 Southend Coastal Rowing Club integrated into Benfleet Yacht Club to form the 'Benfleet Yacht Club Coastal Rowers'. This is a fabulous opportunity and now there are exciting times are ahead for water sports on the East Coast. 

The facilities here at BYC, along with its location, are enabling the new BYCCR's to be the foremost British Rowing affiliated coastal sliding seat & gig rowing club around the Essex coast. 

We have both fixed seat and sliding seat boats, and row all year round. We encourage people of all fitness levels and ability to have a go. We have crews for most people.

The 2 fixed seat boats are a 4-man gig, Rozinante and 2-man skiff, Silverback and they are great for introducing newcomers to the sport. Both have coxes. 
Sliding seat boats usually tend to be thought of as the Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race type. These ‘fine boats’ are not really suitable for our choppy waters so we have coastal versions that have more solidly built and have more freeboard. We also have a FISA international standard coastal racing single. This is designed specifically for rough coastal water and being self-draining can take most of what the weather can throw at her - as we can vouch for! Our three Mondegos were originally designed as sliding seat training boats, but being relatively stable craft with good freeboard they are ideal for rowing on our water. Again great for beginners. For the rowers with more competency we have technical singles to put you through your paces and a coastal four.

Since 2011 Benfleet Yacht Club has organised the ‘Round Canvey Race' in July – a rowing/sailing/paddling race of 14 ½ miles. We have had kayaks, surf skis, Canadian canoes, outrigger canoes, rowing boats of all types and various sailing dinghies. It proved to be such a success it has now been turned into an annual event. Each year the race attracts crews from all over the country and grows year on year.

You will find us most weekends rowing around Benfleet Creek or out towards Southend Pier. We also regularly venture further afield to race. This is usually up the East Coast or The Great River Race, known as the Thames marathon, from Greenwich to Richmond.

If you would like to know more about rowing at Benfleet Yacht Club, or to give rowing a try, please contact our Rowing Captain, Penny Lowen, at
Whether you be 14 or 84, new to a sport or coming back to it, you are more welcome to come and visit us.

For full details of membership of Benfleeet Yacht Club, please visit our Membership page.​
Benfleet Yacht Club
Coastal Rowers
(formerly "Southend Coastal Rowing Club")
Benfleet Yacht Club ‘Coastal Rowers’ are an active section of rowing enthusiasts. The club own a number and variety of fixed and sliding seat coastal rowing craft, which are available for all members to use. Many of our rowing members compete in major events in other parts of the UK and on the near continent.
Benfleet Yacht Club also organise the annual "Round Canvey Race", a Rowing, Row Sail or Paddle event: a 14 1/2 mile circuit round the entire coast of Canvey Island. Current fastest time of 1 hour and 44 minutes. Click here to visit the event page. 

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Our Fleet
We have an eclectic mix of fixed seat and sliding seat coastal rowing craft
 for use by all Benfleet Yacht Club members 
FISA Coastal Single
Sliding Seat
Aqua Jog
Training Single
Single Sliding Seat
Technical Single
Single Sliding seat
Silver Back
Fixed Seat Skiff
Double + Cox
Fixed Seat Gig
Four + Cox
Richard Twyman
Coxed Coastal Four
Four + Cox
Mondego Pair
Training Coxed Pair
Two + Cox
Mondego Single #1
Training Single
Single Sliding Seat
Mondego Single #2
Training Single
Single Sliding Seat
Technical Single
Single Sliding Seat





Benfleet Yacht Club Coastal Rowers 
2018 Schedule of Events
 held both at Benfleet Yacht Club and supported away events
Benfleet Yacht Club Coastal Rowers use "Team App" to notify and communicate rowing activities between participants, whether it be pleasure rowing, training or competition events. Click here to connect to the Team App, where you can subscribe if you wish to be connected with these activities. 
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