Moorings and
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Building Area
Keith Cushing - "TheBosun"
(applicable to members of Benfleet Yacht Club only)
Tony Cole laying a new creek marker buoy during the October 2008 work party
Benfleet Creek chartlets, based on a physical survey conducted by BYC member Phil Bostock during latter part of 2011 (updated August 2015)

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            Part 2
Cruiser Haulout and Launch Beachmaster roster:
Members of the Moorings and Foreshore Team:

John Hancock (Chair)
Keith Cushing (Bosun)
Carol Best
Chris Burls
Geoff Carter
Trevor Chopping
Peter Deeley
Alan Gisbey
Tony Greenland
David Halsey
Bill Hicks
Gordon Kier
Brian Little
Colin McLellen
Dave Newman
Bill Offord
Derek Philpott
Phil Reid
Richard Scurrey
Peter Scott
Don Threadgold
Gerald Timms
Chris Tingey
Nick Titshall
Dave Whitby
John Windows
Alan Wright
Brian Little
Dave Whitby 
Alan Wright
 - No Team -
Colin McLellan
Keith Cushing
Moorings availabe at Benfleet Yacht Club:
Please note that Benfleet Yacht Club currently have a limited number of drying trot moorings available for members, suitable for shallow draft twin / triple or lift keel boats.
Please contact the Bosun or a representative of the Moorings Committee at Benfleet Yacht Club for further details of availability and cost.
The World is Green
Creek Mooring Availabilty
With effect from 1st September 2015, all members are required to provide a copy of their boat insurance certificate prior to launching and haul-out