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Keith Cushing - "TheBosun"
Applicable to members of Benfleet Yacht Club only.
Please see note on 'Boat Insurance' requirements below.
Tony Cole laying a new creek marker buoy during a Work Party weekend
Benfleet Creek navigation chartlets, based on physical surveys
conducted by BYC member Phil Bostock, are available on our
Creek Navigation page

(updated July 2018)

Cruiser Haulout and Launch Beachmaster roster:
​Brian Little
Bill Offord
Derek Philpott
Phil Reid
Richard Scurrey
Peter Scott
Chris Tingey
Nick Titshall
Dave Whitby
Alan Wright
Brian Little
 - No Team -
Alan Wright
 - No Team -
Dave Whitby
Keith Cushing
Where the World is Green
We have a large number of moorings for our members cruising yachts, located in the sheltered waters of Benfleet Creek. Our creek is tidal and drying. We offer both mid-river fore and aft ‘trot’ moorings and bankside staging’s. Believe it or not, many of our members own ‘single keel’ yachts, which stand upright on their keel, held against the bankside staging (yes, it really does work well). 

Boat Storage
Our club has facilities to store approximately 170 cruising yachts and 160 sailing dinghies / rowing craft. Our cruiser laying-up facilities are second to none: better (and far cheaper) than many commercial / marina facilities. We have a large slipway for launching and recovery of all boats, plus a winch which can handle cruising yachts up to 40 feet long (subject to weight limits) on trollies. We also have a large crane to lift masts and engines etc.  
John Hancock (Chair)
Keith Cushing (Bosun)
Rick Bakewell
Carol Best
Geoff Carter
Peter Deely
Alan Gisbey
Tony Greenland
Murray Higgs
Derek Lawson-Smith
Ted Lewis-Cox
Members of the Moorings and Foreshore Team:
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New Ray entrance channel buoyage
July 2019

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Member Boat Insurance requirements:
BYC Rule Book "Rule 21" states that all member's boats shall have in force a suitable policy of marine insurance with minimum cover of third party liability". This is a requirement for all boats: whether in use or laid-up ashore.
Members are required to present a copy of their boat insurance certificate with their Launch or Haul-out request form. 
No valid insurance certificate = no Launch or Haul-out.