Useful Links to other Sailing
 and Boating Related Websites
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Boating Organisations:
Cruising and Navigational:
International Sailing Federation (ISAF)
Includes the latest news on the world of racing, plus you can download the full Racing Rules of Sailing
Cruiser Class Associations:
Dinghy Sailing:
Laser Class Assciation
(Laser Class Dinghies -- UK)
Cruiser Sailing:
Manuals For Popular Inboard Yacht Engines
(Downloadable engine service / repair manuals)
Class Associations
News and Media:
Port of London Authority
(containing news and navigational details for the London River and Thames Estuary)
Local Yacht Clubs:
Conyer Cruising Club contains navigational details & aerial photographs of the intricate creeks leading to Conyer.
Stolen Boats - a website to view boats that have been stolen, or report a stolen boat
Roach Sailing Association contains details and photographs of the Havengore Route
East Coast Pilot Book - covering the area Wash to Ramsgate
including details of entrances to the Rivers Deben and Alde / Ore
Historical Interest:
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