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Benfleet Yacht Club's newsletter archive page - a complete record since it was first published in 2001
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Thames Medway Canal TMC Association
Queenborough history Simplon Postcards
Harbour defences- Isle of Sheppey 
Prout Catamaran 1966 British Pathe film
Nore Race 1963 British Pathe film
Prout Brothers 1958 British Pathe film
Past Commodores
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a complete record of BYC's Commodores siince the club was founded in 1923
In both this page and associated linked pages, I am attempting gather old and historical material relating to Benfleet Yacht Club, to retain and use for future viewing. It will take some considerable time to gather and present everything, so please bear with me and visit again in the future to see what's new.

I believe that there is a lot of historical data, photographs and other material held by club members. If you are able to contribute anything towards these pages, please contact Paul Field, Webmaster, email: